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the desmond restaurant

Delectable Dining + Cocktails in San Diego

1047 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101

Exceptional Fine-Dining San Diego Restaurant

Hello, and welcome. Let's slow down a bit. We're here to turn a night…into an evening. To turn your meal...into a moment to remember at The Desmond. Let's get to know one another. Let's tell some stories. Let's share some beverages. And above all, let's not rush. Here, we're all about the present. Let's be present together.

We honor the extraordinary ingredients of our region in simple, thoughtful presentations that never substitute technique with taste. The result? A deliciously seasonal look at a place in time. A meal with us is a snapshot of San Diego. (And, can we just say? It's gorgeous.)

From a stint at Disneyland (at just 16!), Chef Jason Neroni devoted himself to exceptional food, working in such storied kitchens as El Bulli and Le Cirque before setting out on his own as a chef-restaurateur. His knack for finding exceptional ingredients and flavors will transform your experience with us.

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San Diego Restaurant Week At The Desmond

March 26 - April 2

Spring into flavor and enjoy a signature menu exclusively available during san diego restaurant week.

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